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Chain Link Fence Topper


Enhance the appearance of your field! Corrugated plastic protection is a cost effective way to cover your fence tops and give you that “big league” look.­ Protect your players from injury against the top of any chain link fence while enhancing your ballpark’s appearance.

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Enhance the Appearance of Your Field!

"Big League" Look & Feel

Enhance the appearance of your outfield by highlighting the home-run line with FenceCrown®

100' and 250' coils

Available in 100' and 250' coils, which can be cut to any size.

Color-matched Ties

19" color-matched ties available for a professional look and feel.

Environmental Resistance

Tested for environmental stress cracking, high temperature strength and low temperature flexibility.

FenceCrown® comes pre-slit for hassle-free installation. The optional fence-top tool makes installation even easier and faster.

FenceCrown Chain Link Fence Topper
Material100% High-density Polyethylene (conforms with ASTM 3350)
ColorsBright Yellow, Black, Athletic Gold
LengthAvailable in 100' (46″ x 46″ x 21″ – 27lbs) and 250' (62″ x 62″ x 21″ – 67lbs) coils, can be cut to any size
StandardsFenceCrown meets or exceeds all specifications when run to the following standards for Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe: ASTM F405-13, ASTM F 667-12, AASHTO M 252, AASHTO M 294 and NRCS Conservation Practice Standard Code 606.
StiffnessMinimum stiffness of 35 PSI at 5% deflection when tested in accordance with ASTM D2412
Environmental ResistanceTested for environmental stress cracking, high temperature strength and low temperature flexibility with no evidence of failure.
FlatteningWithstands 20% deflection with no evidence of buckling, cracking, or splitting.
Warranty3 Years
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant for year-round outdoor installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Pre-slit for fast and clean installation
  • Recyclable

Due to product size, freight rates may be costly. Please request a freight quote before placing your order.

Shipping dimensions & weights:
One 100′ coil – 46″ x 46″ x 21″ – 27lbs
One 250′ coil – 62″ x 62″ x 21″ – 67lbs


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