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infield skin tarps, baseline tarps and spot covers protect from rain


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Made in Philly Since 1874

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Infield Skin Tarps


The skin (dirt areas) of a baseball field, are among the most important to protect because of their high maintenance cost and sensitivity. Our baseball and softball skin tarps and baseline tarps are made from strong fabrics designed to protect your baseline from moisture and rain, keeping players safe and gameplay smooth.

Color: Silver/White (Poly Only)



Total: $5,356.70

Made With the Same Workhorse Fabric Used in Full Field Covers

Easy to Handle

Built in sections with plastic grip pull-handles along the perimeter.

Fast Fulfillment

Standard sizes for baseball and little league available for quick shipment.

Two Standard Sizes

60' Base Paths for Little League, 90' for Full-Size Baseball.

Pair with Spot Covers

For a complete package, cover home plate and the pitchers mound with our Spot Covers.
Diagram showing infield Skin Tarps and Baseline Tarps

Infield Covers


Roller Length

90' x 90'

Little League


120' x 120'



160' x 160'


34' or 40'*

170' x 170'


34' or 40'*

Skin Tarp

Baseball or Little League


Tensile Strength1

215 x 180

Tear Strength2

71 x 70

*Roller is 2-piece designed for assembly on the field
1ASTM D751, 2ASTM D5884
Values shown represent typical data and are subject to slight variations.

Note: Cover is designed to be slightly larger than dimensions for skinned infield area and will overlap onto turf. Design allows for rainwater on top of cover to be dumped on turf when removing cover to prevent backflow onto skinned area.

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