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Phillies world series applique pennants fly high at Citizens Bank Park
Cheer squad member running with large custom printed Villanova flag
Phillies world series applique pennants fly high at Citizens Bank Park
Cheer squad member running with large custom printed Villanova flag


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Sports Flags


Custom sports flags from CoverSports will bring your team spirit to the next level. Whether you need field runner flags for use at pep rallies and the big game, or you want to hang flags to commemorate your team’s big wins, CoverSports will elevate your brand. Custom flags boast brilliantly printed imagery and an upscale appearance - perfect for rooting on the home team.


Your selection requires a custom order. Our sales team is here to help!

Let Your Team Spirit Fly

Spirit Flags

Give your cheerleaders the tools they need to stir up team spirit. Spirit flags of any size are sure to be a hit.

Championship Flags

Commemorate the biggest achievements of your team with flags showing the year and details of your accomplishment.

Team Flags

Flags with your team’s brand elevate any sports facility. Leave players, fans, and passers by with no doubt who’s facility they’re looking at.

Feather Flags

Advertise upcoming events, recent accomplishments, and star players. Bring attention to entrances, exits, the box office, and other important areas.
Villanova cheer squad running with spirit flags at basketball game

Because of its color stability and traditional appearance, Nylon has long been the fabric chosen for Appliqué. Tightly woven with a noticable shine, Nylon catches your eye and stands out more than other types of flags, even from a distance. It is also thin and lightweight for its strength, making it the perfect material for a multi-layer flag that still needs to catch the wind.

Stormflag is our water resistant and light weight polyester. It features a loose weave that allows ink to permeate all the way through the fabric and create a quality reverse image on the back side. This is perfect for flags, where single-reverse finishing is common and the single layer construction helps the flag to fly easily in the wind. Stormflag is also durable, made as the name suggests to withstand the often stormy outdoor environment.

Dacron is a printable, lower cost alternative to the classic Nylon. It can be used to create flags that capture some of the classic aesthetic and elegance of Appliqué, but without the high cost. The fabric is also non-absorbent and resistant to mildew, making it a great outdoor fabric choice for flags.

Available in single-sided (only printed on one side), and single-reverse (image is visible on both sides, mirrored on the back).

Heading & Grommets (or D-rings) - The heading is a thicker fabric that is stitched onto the side or top of the flag that will be attached to the pole. This heading comes with either grommets (standard) or D-rings for attachment to the flagpole.

Pole Pocket - A pocket (usually 3”, but can be larger depending on the size of the flag) on the side or top of the flag for the flagpole to pass through. Grommets are installed above and below the pocket for attachment.

A note about Grommets: the number and placement of grommets depends on the size of the flag, but if you have specific requirements please let us know and we can build to your specifications. D-rings are also available in addition to or instead of grommets.

Mounting hardware available with purchase.

We make custom flags for a variety of different purposes, including all of the following:

  • Baseball and softball

  • Basketball and gymnasium

  • Football

  • Soccer

  • Track and Field

  • Cheerleading

  • Volleyball

  • Swimming

  • Wrestling

  • Martial Arts

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