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track windscreen with graphics at american university.
Track and Field windscreen with custom graphics
Printed windscreen installed on the University of Kansas track fence
track windscreen with graphics at american university.
Track and Field windscreen with custom graphics
Printed windscreen installed on the University of Kansas track fence


5-10 Business Days (Unprinted) 10-15 Business Days (Printed)


3-5 Year Warranty

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Manufactured In The USA

Made in Philly Since 1874

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Windscreens and Privacy Screens - Track


Hit the ground running with FenceMate® windscreens and privacy screens. Custom built and available in 14+ colors, these screens will make your track look fantastic while providing privacy and limiting outside distractions. For added impact, add custom graphics to build team spirit.


Color: Forest Green


Windscreens and Privacy Screens - Track is sold in 1 ft. increments

Minimum length is 50 feet

Your selection requires a custom order. Our sales team is here to help!

Benefits to a FenceMate Windscreen or Privacy Screen for Track

85-88% Opacity

Our 10 oz Classic Mesh and 16 oz ArmorMesh offer industry leading durability while blocking most wind.

Quality build

Our windscreens and privacy screens have heat-sealed or sewn hems with grommets.

Optional features

You can add vents and lacing-lips for enhanced structural integrity.

TuffPrint Graphics

Brand your track and field by having logos, achievements, and graphics printed on our windscreen.

Brass Grommets

Brass tooth grommets on bound reinforced or heat-sealed hems: Essential for ensuring that your privacy and windscreens hold up over time under harsh conditions and extreme environments.

Lacing Lip

Lacing lip for screens: Prevents billowing & breakaway. Recommended for mesh screens over 6′ high.

Vent Options

Half-moon air vents or 6" x 12" boxed air vent (optional)


IncrediSeal: Available on VCM Classic Mesh and ArmorMesh Premium Mesh, IncrediSeal heat-sealed hems are more durable than stitched hems as well as cleaner in appearance.


VCM18x14 Classic MeshArmorMesh VCP18X18 Premium MeshVCP1800
FabricVinyl Coated Polyester MeshVinyl Coated Polyester MeshVinyl
Popular ApplicationsBaseball outfields,
Baseball outfields,
FeaturesTop-sellerMost durable, for high wind areas
Warranty3 years5 years4 years
Weight/Sq. Yd.10 oz.16 oz.18.0 oz.
Price Level$$$$$$$$
% Shade88%85%100%

Wind Load: Installing a windscreen requires consideration of the stability of the fence it will attach to. Assessment needs to be made of the fence's wind load capacity, which depends on elements like post depth, wind direction and intensity, post gauge, cement amount, and wire gauge. These should be considered in combination with the wind passthrough of the chosen mesh, which can be found in the table above. Leaving a few inches of screen-free space at the fence bottom aids wind flow. In some cases, an engineer may need to assess the fence's suitability for a windscreen.

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