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How-To Guide

How to Measure and Install a Custom Windscreen

Windscreens are essential to enhance your outdoor space. Learn how to measure and install your own custom windscreen with our guide.

February 07, 2024

Do I need a windscreen?

Windscreens are a great way to keep distractions outside of your fence while adding a layer of privacy. It’s also a solution to adding separation to individual areas. Depending on your needs, it is likely that a windscreen will improve your outdoor space.

What are the benefits of windscreens?

Windscreens have a lot of functionality to add to your fence. Here are a few benefits of having a windscreen:

  • Privacy for your fenced area

  • Transform the visual look of your area to attract visitors

  • Provide wind protection for players and spectators at sporting events

  • Maintenance for grass and plants from harmful chemicals and elements

  • An affordable and long-lasting way to decorate large fencing with professional results

Measuring for your Fencemate® Field Privacy Screen

1. Plan it Out

Start by drawing a basic diagram of your fencing. Writing down measurements next to each section will help keep things organized and prevent confusion down the line.

Labeling or numbering sections is always a good idea (Right Field, Right Field Gate, etc...). Consider including a directional indicator or noting landmarks to make review and final installation as easy as possible. Photos are a valuable tool to ensure accurate final results.

2. Measuring Length

Starting at a corner post, measure the length of your fence from the inside of the left tension bar (see figure) to the inside of the next tension bar. Pull the measuring tape taut against the fence to ensure accurate measurements. Avoid taking measurements from the side where support poles are installed. Be sure to account for any breaks or obstructions in your fencing (such as gates) in your measurements, which will require a new section.

For a smooth and professional look, subtract 1-2” from your final measurement. It is easier to adjust for a windscreen to being slightly too short than too long, which can result in a loose, baggy installation.

Note any specific measurements for custom graphics when exact placement is necessary (example: “foul marker 18’6” from left”).

For longer runs, we will help determine the best breakdown of screen lengths to achieve your final length.

3. Measuring Height

When measuring heights, account for at least 4-6” of space at the bottom to prevent damage from field maintenance. Your fence may have different heights - be sure to measure each section carefully.

4. Measuring Gates

Gates are measured using the same technique as the rest of your fence with one caveat: Since gates can be opened/closed (and have ground clearance), it’s not necessary to leave a gap at the bottom. Many customers still opt to match the heights of the surrounding windscreen for a uniform appearance.

5. Angle Cuts & Cut Outs

If your installation requires special angle cuts or cutouts, the best starting point is a detailed drawing or photo with notes. Take as many measurements as possible and consider including - the more complete the information, the better the end result will fit. Our design department will proof any custom screens to make sure you end up with what you need.

6. Putting It All Together

Using the techniques listed above, work your way clockwise around your fence, marking down each (adjusted) measurement on your sketch as you go. Measure every section – do not assume any two sections are the same size!

Deciding on the Artwork for your Fencemate® Windscreen

After you’ve checked the accuracy of your fence measurements, it's time to design your custom printed windscreen! Make sure to be intentional about the design of your graphic windscreen. Fence covers have many use cases, from advertising banners to tennis court windscreens and many other arenas.

This is an opportunity to elevate your space. Your organization name, brand colors, and affiliated sponsors are great options to incorporate into the design of your windscreen, but they aren't the only options. Lists of achievements, graphics, and collages can be great additions also. Be creative, and make full use of the windscreen as a canvas.

The one thing to keep in mind at this point is that when printing logos or photos on a windscreen, vector versions of logos are necessary, and photos must be high resolution, otherwise both will be blurry. For more information about this requirement and why we need this, take a look at this guide on the subject.

Installing Your Fence Privacy Screen

Proper installation is essential for a clean, professional and long-lasting application. Here are our tips for a quick and perfect installation.

1. Referencing your original sketch, lay out each panel in front of the section it belongs to. Attach the top-left corner grommet to the fence at the location you started your measurement (this should be the tension bar). Continue attaching the top of the windscreen for approximately 10’, pulling the screen taut with each grommet. Attach cable ties so that they are pulling in the same direction you are.

2. Return to your starting point and attach the left edge to the fence from top to bottom, pulling taut and wrinkle-free.

3. Secure the next row of grommets within your 10’ section, pulling the cover taut at each grommet. If your screen has lacing lip(s), repeat as necessary, working from top to bottom, until screen is completely secured up to your stopping point.

4. Repeat process for the next 10’ section. Continue working in 10’ sections until panel is completely in place. Repeat process for all screens.

Important Guidelines

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in damage that is not covered under warranty:

  • Attach at every grommet.
  • Use a separate cable tie for each grommet.
  • Don’t double up on cable ties between panels.
  • Replace broken cable ties quickly.
  • When cable ties break and the windscreen starts to whip against the fence, it can be damaged beyond repair in a few hours.

Additional Tips & Tricks

  • Proper installation is essential for a clean, professional and long-lasting application; the better windscreen is installed, the longer it will last
  • Don’t install on a windy day, wind will complicate installation
  • Do not over-tighten cable ties
  • Consider leaving a bit of extra room in for final tension adjustments upon completion
  • Use “S” hooks (not included) to temporarily hang windscreen as you work; lifting the panel off the ground makes it easier to attach and tighten at each interval.


Improperly installed windscreen (top)

Damage to due doubling up of grommets (bottom left)

Damage as a result of failure to replace broken ties (bottom right)

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