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Fence Windscreen Installation: Don't Get Hung Up on How to Hang Your Windscreen!

March 03, 2011

Example of improperly installed windscreen

You’ve just spent hundreds – maybe thousands – of dollars on your brand new fence cover. No doubt you want to install it properly so it looks like a million bucks!

Read on if you want your windscreen to have maximized life and durability and a professional, wrinkle-free appearance that enhances the look of your venue.

Suggested Installation Procedure and Tips:

1. Start at one end of the fence area to be covered. Lay out full panel along area to be covered. Attach top corner grommet to the fence with tie wrap (or cord). Then, attach along top, pulling cover taut with each grommet attachment for about 10’.

Tip 1: Use a few “S” hooks to temporarily hang the panel on the fence. By “lifting” the panel, it lessens the weight and makes it easier to attach and tighten the tie wrap at the grommet.

Important! Attach at every grommet. Do not skip grommets. Attachment at all grommets distributes the force when there is a high wind load. Using fewer grommets for attachment results in more load on attached grommets and greater chance of ties breaking. When windscreen cover breaks loose and whips against the fence, it can be damaged beyond repair in a few hours.

Tip 2: Attach tie wrap to the fence in the direction the panel is being pulled (rather than slightly backward). As the tie is tightened, it will pull the cover taut. Make sure tie is secure, but don’t over tighten tie wraps (Tightening the tie wraps too much might result in wrinkling of cover and insufficient room to straighten out panel). After panel is completely attached, ties can be tightened more, if necessary, to minimize any remaining wrinkles.

2. Go back to end and from top-to-bottom attach vertical edge to the fence all the way to the bottom, again pulling taut as each tie is secured.

3. Continue attachment along bottom for about 10’ pulling cover taut and making it as wrinkle free as possible.

Tip 3: If two or more people are working on the panel, have one person begin attachment at the top and the second person at the bottom, working about 10’ behind the first.

4. After the first 10’ of windscreen is attached at top and bottom, go back to the top and attach along the next 10’, pulling taut.

5. Continue top/bottom attachment until panel is completely in place.

6. Continue installation with remaining panels using the same procedure.

Tip 4: Don’t install on a windy day. Wind will complicate installation.

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Example of properly installed windscreen

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