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Rain Spot Covers


By covering the areas that are most important to stay dry with a baseball rain tarp, you can keep your fields game-ready in an economical way.

New! All 6oz. poly fabrics include EnduroCoat® – enhanced coating properties providing more abrasion resistance and longer-lasting field covers and protection.

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Color: Green/White (Poly Only)


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Protect your mound, home plate, bases and bullpen

Protect your field

Covering important areas during rain means you can keep your field game ready in an economical way!

Easy to handle

Our covers only need 2 - 3 people to set up and remove!


Promote your team and enhance the look of your field by adding logos to your pitcher's mound or home plate tarp.

Weighted or Grommeted Edges

Weighted edges keep covers in place effortlessly, or get our traditional grommeted edge for easy portability.

Spot Cover SizeApplication
10' x 10'Base Covers/Little League Base Cover
12' DiameterLittle League Pitcher’s Mound
18' DiameterLittle League Home Plate, Base Cover
20' DiameterBaseball/Softball Pitcher’s Mound
26' DiameterBaseball/Softball Home Plate
30' DiameterBaseball/Softball Home Plate
Fabric Type6 oz. Polyethylene8 oz. Polyethylene18 oz. Vinyl
Tensil Strength1215x180195x195275x230
Tensil Strength271x7070x7070x60

UV Resistance


1ASTM D5034, 2ASTM D5884
Values shown represent typical data and are subject to slight variations.

Fabric Options

Available in 18 oz. vinyl, 8 oz. polyethylene, or 6 oz. polyethylene

Standard Edge

Grommets at 3'-4' intervals

Weighted Edge

Requires no sandbags or stakes; made under license U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,270,617, D516,360, D552,911, 7,494,433


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