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Baseball & Softball Field Maintenance Equipment

Take your field to the next level with custom, high-quality softball and baseball field accessories.

Maintaining a high-quality field is essential for safety and performance. Having the right tools and equipment for your field maintenance is imperative for upkeep. CoverSports is committed to providing the best baseball and softball field accessories and equipment, in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, to maintain a safe and professional-looking field. Windscreens are the perfect solution for adding a professional touch to your outfield while also providing practical benefits. Our high-quality fencing is designed to provide the ultimate level of protection for your field.

Create a field that looks as great as it performs with our high-quality fencing, designed to provide the ultimate level of protection. Premium rain spot covers and infield tarps protect your field from the elements, while our fence top padding adds an extra layer of protection for your team's players.

In addition to our selection of windscreens, fencing, covers and padding, we also offer a variety of other supplies to elevate your baseball or softball field. Custom vinyl banners showcase your team or sponsors, while our stadium seat covers keep your fans comfortable. Turf blankets ensure optimal playing conditions by protecting your turf against the elements.

Keep your facility in top shape with our large selection of baseball and softball field maintenance products customized to fit your infield and outfield needs. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

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