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Gym Floor Cover


GymGuard gym floor covering systems are constructed in 10′ wide sections for easy handling. When figuring the size of the cover you need, we suggest adding 6″-12″ for overlapping each section. (For example, for a 75 x 110′ floor, order 8 sections measuring 10′ x 110′ each.)

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Color: Tan

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Gym Floor Cover is sold in 0 ft. increments

Minimum length is 50 feet

Your selection requires a custom order. Our sales team is here to help!

Part of a complete system

Storage Rack Highly Encouraged

Pair with our rack, rack cover, and tape for easy deployment and storage.

Ultra Durable

Our gymnasium​ ​floor​ ​covers​ are ultra durable and are coated on both sides with a PVC polyester mesh.

Power Your Deployment

Use our power winder and brush system and let GymGuard take care of the storage and cleaning work.

Multiple protections

Fire retardant, waterproof, rot and mildew resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

Gym Cover Guides
GymGuard Weight 32 oz.27 oz.22 oz.18 oz.10 oz.*
Warranty17 yrs.15 yrs.10 yrs.8 yrs.3 yrs.
Tear Strength

(Warp x Filling) ASTM D2261
210 x210125 x 90110 x 7590 x 6576 x 76
Tensile Strength

(Warp x Filling) ASTM D5034
375 x 360315 x 300295 x 285280 x 270495 x 340

35 lbs.35 lbs.35 lbs.35 lbs.N/A
Flame Resistance

(Self-extinguishing Fed Std 191 method #5903)

“…we are currently using your (GymGuard) system and are extremely happy with the product. We are using the product in two of our facilities, the McFerrin Athletic Center and the Cox-McFerrin Basketball Facility…We have 6 of the A-frame storage carts that make the tarps easy to put out and take down after events.”
Clinton A. Netherland, Zone Facility Manager
Texas A&M

“…it (GymGuard) has been a great piece of equipment and in fact, we now use it in several venues around campus to protect a variety of surfaces.”
Keith E. Voeks, Asst. Director, University Events
Central Michigan University

CoverSports is all about choice and meeting your needs. To this end we have created a short video to introduce you to GymGuard and help you make informed decisions. If you prefer to watch the video on a TV, contact us to request a DVD version and allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

How To Measure Your Floor


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