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FAQ - Gym Floor Covers

June 29, 2021

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1. What is the benefit of rolling my gym floor cover instead of folding it?

When a gym floor cover is folded, it causes creases, which increases the likelihood of tripping hazards. The creases caused by folding also affect the mats’ cosmetic appeal. In addition, the folded areas will eventually break down the fabric and reduce the life of the cover. Rolling a gym floor cover not only gives it a nicer look, but it’s also the safer way to go.

With the gym floor cover rack, two people can deploy and roll up the sections. One large cover requires several people to move and lift it. So, not only is it a safer process, but rolling covers on a rack requires fewer resources and people to get the job done.

Check out our gym floor cover racks to start easily rolling up your gym floor cover.

2. What is the correct process for cleaning a gym floor cover?

To clean your cover, sweep or brush off loose debris. Our gym floor covers are made of PVC coated fabric and are like any vinyl flooring or tile in terms of durability and ease of cleaning. You can use a mild detergent to clean most stains.

3. How can I maintain my gym floor cover so it will last?

Before rolling up the covers onto the rack, use the brush assembly attachment (or a broom) and mild detergent to clean the cover and remove spills, stains, and debris. Having dirt, food or drink stuck between the covers during storage will wear away the coating and may also stain the covers permanently.

Keep your gym floor covers rolled on the storage racks when they are not in use. This keeps them protected from creasing and off the ground, away from unnecessary foot traffic. When the floor mats are on the storage rack, there is less opportunity for damage while being stored.

A storage rack cover, which covers the rack and the gym floor covers, will deter students from climbing on the rack, which is a safety hazard. The cover will also prevent damage to the rack and floor covers and keep the covers protected from dust and leaks.

4. How much tape do I need for my gym floor cover?

The amount of tape you’ll need to secure your gym floor cover depends on your requirements, frequency of use, and end usage. While some people may want to tape down every seam and border, others may choose to only tape down areas that pose greater tripping hazards, such as the portion of a mat that sits in a doorway that is heavily trafficked. In some instances, chairs may be placed over the seams (for example, during a graduation). As a result, the seams may not need to be taped down. A dance, for instance, might require the entire floor to be taped — like for Thon at Penn State. A banquet or graduation might only require partial taping. Start with two cases (and get a walk-behind dispenser for free!) and get a sense of how much tape you use. Reordering gym floor cover tape is quick and easy.

For more information, check out our gym floor cover tape blog post.

5. How do I measure for my gym floor cover?

It may be as simple as measuring the length and width of the area to be covered, and dividing the width by 9.5 to determine how many rolls you will need. But it could also be more complicated than that, depending on the peculiarities of the area you are covering. To get step by step instructions on how to plan your new gym floor cover, take a look at our guide on the subject.

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