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Growth Covers / Turf Blankets


Greener, thicker grass, it’s incredible! Sports turf managers and golf course superintendents agree that CoverSports’ winter turf blankets and growth covers keep their turf healthy and protected. Experience the difference with our winter turf blanket that not only protects against the harsh winters, but also work to keep your field healthy for spring!

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See the Difference using Our Winter Turf Blankets

Multiple levels of protection!

Our covers protect against wind, ice, snow, frost, foot AND animal traffic!

Promote healthy growth!

Sports turf managers and golf course superintendents agree that CoverSports’ winter turf blankets and growth covers keep their turf healthy and protected.

Durable and long lasting

The industrys best strength and durability, proven by experts in the field!

High Quality

Double stitched hems and 90% light pass through!

Sizes*Approx. Weight SizesApprox. Weight
10' x 50'10 lbs.60' x 60'72 lbs.
12' x 50 '12 lbs.60' x 66'80 lbs.
20' x 50'20 lbs.60' x 75'90 lbs.
24' x 50'24 lbs.80' x 105'136 lbs.
30' x 60'30 lbs.84' x 90'152 lbs.
36' x 50'36 lbs.90' x 90'162 lbs.
50' x 50'50 lbs.84' x 100'185 lbs.
50' x 60'60 lbs.110' x 110'242 lbs.
Physical PropertiesTest MethodTypical Value
Mass per unit areaASTM D-37762.9 oz. per sq. yd.
Tensile Strength - WarpASTM D-4632165 lbs.
Tensile Strength - FillASTM D-4632105 lbs.
Elongation - WarpASTM D-463221.5%
Elongation - Fill––19.2%
Air PermeabilityASTM D-73718.50 CFM/FT2
UV Resistance @ 1200 hrs.ASTM D-435580%

*These are our standard sizes. Custom sizes available.

Before: 11/16/2010
The day after the soccer season ended, with less than 10% turf cover in the soccer goal mouths.
During: 12/2/2010 A quick check for establishment shows an actively growing periods of average daily high temperatures in the 40s

After: 6/3/2011 Covers have been removed

“Winter turf blankets are an excellent investment, especially when considering that sodding two 60’x60’ soccer goal mouths each spring, over an eight year period would cost us over $16,000.00. To purchase two 60’x60’ winter turf covers, seed and preventative fungicide over an eight year period (the life expectancy of CoverSports® Winter Turf Blankets) will cost us an estimated $2,500.00.”

Josh Slayback, City of Clayton, MO Parks and Recreation Department

* Figures estimated using 2011 pricing.

penn state growth cover study

The Penn State study on a “Push-Up” style putting green.


10.5% higher January turf temperature
60% better color* (4 vs. 2.5)
78% higher growth yield* (16 g. vs. 9 g.)

*Per Duncan’s new multiple range testRead the complete study on the CoverSports Growth Covers Effects on Putting Green Winter Temperature, CSpring Green-up and Growth by Dr. G.W. Hamilton, Jr. of the Pennsylvania State University Valentine Turfgrass Research Center.

(Contact us for a copy.)

CoverSports Growth CoverCompetitionCoverSports Advantage
Fabric3 oz., 100% woven polypropylenePolyethylene or non-wovenLonger life
Construction6-ply hems, double-stitchedRaw edges you turn underStaples and stakes stay put
Fabric propertiesHeavier weight, good tear strengthLighter, less tear strengthMore durable
GrommetsBrass spur grommets spaced 5' apartNoneSecure tie-down
Lab Tested ResultsSee Penn State StudySome are untestedA proven product!
ColorTranslucent/90% light pass-throughBlack/Dark greenMore light passage. Promotes faster growth.


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