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column post pad at indoor tennis facility
velcro column padding detail
column post pad at indoor tennis facility
velcro column padding detail

Corner & I-beam Padding


CoverSports has padding solutions that address potential safety hazards caused by corners, beams and columns found in indoor gym facilities. Our EnviroSafe padding can prevent injuries as well as provide a complete look to your facility.

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Color: Tan


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Form-Fitting Custom Padding

Hard-Back for Crisp Corners

Our padding can come with a hard backing so that it perfectly matches the shape of the underlying column. Soft-backed padding is also available.

Velcro Attachment

A Velcro flap running the length of the pad makes for a secure and easy attachment, and one that blends nicely into the rest of the pad.

Fully Custom Construction

CNC cut to match your provided specifications. Corners and irregular shapes can be accounted for.

TuffPrint™ Color Printing

Further customize your column padding with our digital printing service. Add your brand or logo to the padding for a professional aesthetic.

column and ibeam padding on a pickleball court

“We received the pole mats today and they are wonderful. Thank you for all your help and for such a great product that will work GREAT for our new Autism Center!”

Sherie Terranova
Executive Administrator, Family Support Center

Foam Density

2" Flex-Firm, 2" Medium-Firm, or 1.5" Extra-Firm foam

Backing Material

Soft backed or Urea Formaldehyde-Free backer board


Velcro for easy on/off


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