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Tennis Court Covers


Serve up some protection to help defend your outdoor tennis court from the elements. Ideal for protection in the off-season, or during your off-days.

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Color: Maple Green

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Protect your tennis court from the elements and foot traffic

Reduce the wear and tear!

Our durable protection can stand up to weather and foot traffic, keeping your court safe in your off-season or days!


The cover's waterproof nature extends your court's lifespan!

Easy to manage

Either ground stakes or sandbags are tough enough to keep your cover in place!

Available In:

  • Reinforced 6oz. Polyethylene in Silver/White or Silver/Black
  • 10 oz. Vinyl fabrics (White only)
  • 18 oz. Vinyl available in 14 colors see specificatons
  • Standard 54' x 60' size (half of a standard court) or custom size to your needs

Optional Features:

  • Cut-outs at the poles if they are not removable
  • Pull handles at 10' - 12' intervals
  • Grommets for fastening to soft courts

6 oz. PolyethyleneRoller Length
Colors Silver/White, Silver/Black, or White/White
Tear Strength² 71 x 70
Tensile Strength¹ 215 x 180

Spot Cover SizeApplication
10' x 10'Base Covers/Little League Base Cover
12' DiameterLittle League Pitcher’s Mound
18' DiameterLittle League Home Plate, Base Cover
20' DiameterBaseball/Softball Pitcher’s Mound
26' DiameterBaseball/Softball Home Plate
30' DiameterBaseball/Softball Home Plate


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