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premium printed rail pad


2-4 Weeks

Manufactured In The USA

Made in Philly Since 1874

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Custom Fence Rail & Post Pads


Enhance the appearance and safety of your field with Premium Custom Fence Rail and Post Padding from CoverSports. Made in 6′ and 8′ long sections with grommets for easy installment.

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Color: Maple Green



Total: $140.00

Your selection requires a custom order. Our sales team is here to help!

Multiple benefits in a single product!

Enhanced Safety

Our 1" and 2" thick padding provides maximum protection from injury!


The padding will fit most fence tops and posts up to 2" in diameter, and can double as dugout rail padding too!


The 18 oz. vinyl covering protects your fence against both the elements and your players catching fly balls!

Colors to match your style!

We have 14 colors for you to choose from that best suit your style!
printed rail padding protects top of fence


6' and 8' (inquire about shipping rates)


Grommets 6" apart for lacing onto rail Fits over rail up to 2" in diameter


1" or 2"


18 oz. fabric covering for best durability

Customer Sizing

Yes. Call 1-800-445-6680 for quotes.


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