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Gym Floor Covers: Don't Cut Corners on Gym Floor Cover Tape

December 10, 2010

Gym floor covers protect expensive floors, and it's wise to use tape at the overlap seams and edges to protect those who walk on them. Taping these areas down virtually eliminates potential tripping hazards and provides a safer environment. Learn from the mistake of a university in Washington D.C.: It's not wise to cut budget corners when it comes to your gym floor cover tape. They found themselves in a "sticky" situation when they used shipping tape instead of recommended GymGuard gym floor cover tape on their gym floor cover. The taped areas were a tacky mess. Even more, the gummy residue left from shipping tape attracted unwanted dirt and debris. They found that when they pulled up the tape they had a hard time pulling off the substitute.

To avoid any stickiness or damage, stick to gym floor cover tape.

Why go through the trouble and cost of buying a cover to preserve your gym floor if you're not going to use the proper tape? Think of it as protection for your protection - A small, but important detail.

If your gym floor cover is suffering from tape substitute disorder, try treating the areas with a solvent cleaner and wiping it off right away. Test a small area first to be certain the cleaner will not damage your cover or floor finish.

Effect of Shipping Tape on Gym Floor Cover

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