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Appliqué Banners & Flags


Traditional and textured in appearance, Appliqué flags and banners last for generations. The Appliqué process requires the sewing of custom cut pieces of nylon fabric onto a nylon background. This process is heavily reliant on hand craftsmanship, and this shows in the final product. Nothing is better when you need durability and a classic aesthetic.

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Exhibit Your Storied Legacy

Custom Flags

Need a flag made with the same technique Betsy Ross used? Our Appliqué flags can be made with up to five colors, and nothing looks more sophisticated.

Championship Banners

Appliqué championship banners give the commemoration of your team’s success the gravitas it deserves. The banner will be hanging a long time, do it right the first time.

Achievement Banners

A great characteristic of Appliqué is the ease of editing after the banner is complete. Any piece of an Appliqué banner can be non-destructively cut out, moved, and added to.

Processional Banners

Applique is popularly used in processional banners for any parade or formal function. The distinguished appearance of Appliqué perfectly matches the formality of any procession.

The traditional material for Appliqué is Nylon, chosen for its lightweight and compact weave, its sheen, and its very low water absorption. Nylon color is vivid and stable, capable of looking great for decades to come.

Dacron is similar to nylon, except that it is printable. It can be used in conjunction with Nylon in Appliqué to save on cost. If there is an intricate element, like a state seal or a crest, that needs to be reproduced on an Appliqué flag or banner, that element could be printed on Dacron and then stitched onto the nylon. This technique can be used to limit the number of colors and layers needed and reduce overall cost and weight.

Heading & Grommets (or D-rings) - The heading is a thicker fabric that is stitched onto the side or top of the flag that will be attached to the pole. This heading comes with either grommets (standard) or D-rings for attachment to the flagpole.

Pole Pocket - A pocket (usually 3”, but can be larger depending on the size of the flag) on the side or top of the flag for the flagpole to pass through. Grommets are installed above and below the pocket for attachment.

A note about Grommets: the number and placement of grommets depends on the size of the flag, but if you have specific requirements please let us know and we can build to your specifications. D-rings are also available in addition to or instead of grommets.

Mounting hardware available with purchase.

Available in single-sided (unfinished back) as well as the following options:

CoverSpors provides Appliqué products for a wide variety of activities. These include the following:

  • Baseball and softball

  • Basketball and gymnasium

  • Marching Band

  • Football

  • Soccer

  • Track and Field

  • Cheerleading

  • Volleyball

  • Swimming

  • Wrestling

  • Martial Arts


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