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Using Printed Player Banners To Honor Alumni & Increase Fans Of Your Baseball Program

April 23, 2013

One new trend we have been seeing in baseball field design is the display of player posters on fences.

With the extensive capabilities of digital printing, pictures of players and team photos can easily be transferred onto banners and show vivid colors and intricate detail. A collection of player images can bring new life to a players’ and spectators’ environment and generate additional interest in the athletic program. Adding player photos to fence banners is a creative way to get alumni reconnected to the program, especially if involvement from this audience has been weak.

Purchasing photo banners can be a reason to promote the team and games on a local, regional, or national level. These printed player banners are also great for hosting events & fundraisers to generate revenue and buzz for the baseball program. You will see an example here of University of Pennsylvania’s stadium – how the printed banners (4’6”x4’9” size) add excitement to an otherwise plain area. These photo banners provide an opportunity for fans and alumni to engage in the history and tradition of the team. Call CoverSports today to find out how to create a similar look for your field 800-445-6680.

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