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How to Use GymGuard | Installing & Stowing Your Gym Floor Cover

Installing or retracting your gym floor cover will take 2 people between 20 and 30 minutes for a typical gymnasium. Read on to learn how!

August 18, 2023

How to Deploy Your GymGuard Gym Floor Cover

Installing GymGuard is a two person job, and should take just 10 or 20 minutes for a typical basketball court.

Begin by rolling the full rack to one corner of the gym floor. Lock it into place with the wheel brakes before loosening the yellow safety bar on each end of the roll. Each person can then grab a corner of a cover roll and together walk the cover section down the length of the floor.

Once one section is down, unroll any extra still attached to the rack, unlock the wheels, and move the rack over approximately 10 feet. Center the rack over the next section of the gym floor to be covered, lock the wheels again, and repeat the process.

The rest of the rolls of GymGuard are deployed this way until the floor is fully covered. Keep in mind that there should be 6 to 12 inches of overlap between strips of GymGuard for complete coverage and to ensure dirt and trash does not get to the floor underneath.

To protect against liquid spills and to eliminate any risk of tripping, use our specially formulated GymGuard tape to connect sections together. Tape can be applied with either our handheld dispenser or optional walk-behind dispenser. The walk-behind dispenser allows application without bending or kneeling, and greatly speeds the process. GymGuard tape is formulated so that it does not leave any sticky residue when removed. Use of other types of tape is not recommended, as they can be more difficult to remove and can damage the cover.

How to Retract/Stow Your GymGuard Gym Floor Cover

GymGuard gym floor covers are easy to clean and pack up after events, taking two people a half hour or less.

To start, remove and dispose of any gymguard tape and fold the last 10 feet of the first section back onto itself. Ruffle the section all the way down its length to get air underneath and break the seal with the floor. Center your storage rack over the end where the cover is peeled back and lock the wheels. Pick up the end of the cover and clip it onto a roller, filling the bottom of the rack first. Remove the blue endcaps from the roller, and insert the aluminum handcranks into either side. Start winding up the cover together. Each person should use their free hand to keep the cover centered as it’s rolled up.

After the section has been rolled up, tighten the yellow safety bars to prevent shifting and unrolling, and replace the endcaps. Then, unlock the rack and move it into place over the next section. We recommend flipping the rack around between each section to alternate which side of the rack is loaded.

Optionally, the GymGuard Power Winder can be used in place of hand cranks to greatly speed the process. This tool is inserted into one side of the roller in the same way as a hand crank, and allows a single person to roll up the fabric safely, without manual arm and shoulder work. A second person is still needed to help guide the fabric straight onto the roller.

Also available is our optional brush assembly, which attaches to the base of the rack. By feeding the GymGuard sections underneath the brush while rolling them up, trash and debris will be swept off the cover and collected in a single area for easy disposal.

When the cover is fully stowed, we recommend covering the rack with our storage cover. This will keep the gym floor cover clean and prevent people from leaning or climbing on the rack. With a printed storage cover, the rack will look nice and display your branding while stored in plain sight.

If you have any questions about this process, give us a call at 800-445-6680.

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