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How-To Guide

Woodback Padding: Installing with Z-Clips

June 16, 2023

Z-Clips work in pairs - one on your wall and one on the back of your padding. Wall Pads are secured using one Z-Clip near the top of the pad and one near the bottom. The correct orientation of each clip is critical to a successful install.

A NOTE ON PLACEMENT: Base all initial placement decisions on pads with cutouts to ensure proper alignment before proceeding.

1. Using a chalk line, mark guides on your wall represent the top and bottom of your padding. Always leave at least 1 1/2” clearance above wallpad so it can be raised over the Z-Clips when being installed/removed. Ideally, the bottom of your pad should be 4” above the floor. Be sure to check your line with a level to ensure it does not slope downward or upward.

Above: Example guides for Z-Clip installation. Blue lines represent tops/bottoms of pads, yellow lines represent Z-Clip placement (approx. 12” from top/bottom).

2. Hang your Z-Clips on wall within your guides (note orientation of clip in diagram to the right).B We recommend placing wall clips 12” from the top/bottom of pads. Use your chalk line and a level to ensure it is straight. The type of hardware required to attach will depend on the material of your wall.

Each bracket has an angled edge and a flat edge - be sure to install in the orientation shown.

3. On the back of your wall pad, mark 1 1/4” higher than the measurement used on the wall C (see diagram: if Z-Clip is installed 12” from the top line on the wall, attach clip 10 3/4” from the top of pad). Follow the same procedure for the bottom of pad.

When attaching to back of pads, install Z-Clips 1 1/4” above the measurement you used on the wall.

4. Trim Z-Clips down into sections approximately 2” less than your pad width using a chop saw. Be sure to wear safety equipment.

5. Align Z-Clips to back of pads using the marks from step 3 to position vertically. Center horizontally and attach using three 3/8” screws.

6. Slide pad down onto Z-Clip on wall. Repeat for all pads. Some adjustments may be necessary to achieve a seamless installation.

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