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How-To Guide

How to Install In-Ground Grand Slam Fencing

Specific steps for Baseball & Softball installation

July 24, 2021

Congratulations on your purchase of In-Ground Grand Slam Fencing, you've made a smart investment! By choosing Grand Slam Fencing, you've prioritized safety, quality, and aesthetics, providing an environment that athletes and spectators alike will appreciate. With proper maintenance, your in-ground fencing will serve your needs for many years to come. So gear up and enjoy the installation process - your sports field is about to get a major upgrade!

Safety Measures:

Always take proper safety measures during installation. Wear safety gloves and goggles, especially when handling tools or heavy materials. Always double-check your measurements before digging and take care not to disturb any underground utilities.

Please note that this guide assumes the ground is already prepared and suitable for in-ground installation. If your site requires leveling or other prep work, you may need to complete that before starting the installation of your in-ground Grand Slam fencing.

1. Line Up the Fence
Roll out Grand Slam Fencing along the line where it is to be installed.

2. Insert Poles into the Fence
Slide poles through the loops (or pockets) woven into the fence. Standard pole spacing is every 10’ (every other loop). Loops are woven at 5’ intervals to support the optional 5’ kit.

how to loop the fence into the pole on in-ground temporary fence.

3. Latch Fence Top into Endcaps
Attach the yellow fence slots through the latch on the endcap of each support pole.

NOTE: For 200’ and 300’ HR distance kits only, end poles are specially reinforced and marked with a white sticker.

4. Drill End Hole
Mark location for first pole and drill a hole using the included auger.

NOTE: If you purchased the optional Socket Kit, see the addendum at the end.

5. Insert First Pole into the Ground
Insert the pole approximately 12” into the ground, using a rubber mallet. Do not hit pole or socket directly with a metal hammer.

The first pole should be installed leaning slightly into foul territory (away from fence) to provide additional tension as the remaining poles are installed.

6. Install the Rest of the Fence
Continue one pole at a time until the entire fence section is installed. The last pole should again be angled slightly into foul territory to keep the fence as taut as possible.

Note: Pre-drilling all the holes before installing fence may result in fence sagging.

7. Trim Ends
If there is extra fence beyond the edge of your field, you can trim the ends.

To store, simply remove poles from ground (or sockets) and roll fence as pictured. If using sockets, be sure to cap sockets after removal.

Socket Kit Installation

NOTE: Do not pre-install sockets for support poles. Mark and install each socket one at a time for best results.

1. Drill the First Hole
Mark the location for the first pole and drill a hole for the first socket. Angle it slightly away from field of play to provide additional tension (angle end pole only).

2. Install Socket
Place socket into pilot hole. B Insert socket driving tool into socket and drive into turf with a rubber mallet (not included).C Remove tool and proceed to next step.

3. Insert Pole
Insert the first pole securely into the socket.

4. Repeat
Repeat for all poles, one at a time, according to the instructions above.

NOTE: Be sure to use socket cap when not in use to prevent clogging and/or damage.

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